Room Rental

Plan your Birthday Party, Meeting, Club Activity,
Games, Tournaments, Contests, Classes, or
Group Meeting with us!
Kitchenette is also available.

Plan your own Event

32’ X50’ Space available for rent or divide in half.
$50.00 per hour for the whole room and $25.00 per
hour for half the room or the 10’ X 15 room.                 
$25.00 Security Deposit due at time the reservation
is made.  Reservation will not be held with out
security deposit and reservation form signed.

Let us Help you Plan your Event

Various activities can be planned for your event.  
Craft Projects, Car Racing, Model Building, and
Play Areas can be a part of your Event.
Most activities will take an hour, please plan for at
least that amount of time.
Choose your activity at the time of reservation, 2
weeks before the event confirm the number of
participants, and then come in to enjoy yourself.  
Prices will vary per Package Choice and be in
addition to the room rental.

Events will only be allowed during store hours.  
M-F 10am to 8pm
Sat 10am to 5pm   Sun 11am to 3pm.  

Call:262-628-2800 for more info and to reserve

Clean up will be the responsibility of the person
renting the room.  If an activity is planned, the
instructor will help with the clean up of the activity.  
One parent is requested present during planned
activity to help oversee the project.  Decorating and
clean-up of the area are part of the rental time.  
Please allow enough time for these things.  If there
is any damage to store premises or equipment it
will be taken out of the security deposit, and any
excess will be billed.  Security deposit will be
returned by 2 weeks after the the rental date.

Cancellations received less than 2 weeks prior will
not receive their security deposit refunded.  
Cancellation made before two weeks of the date will
have the security deposit refunded.

*No smoking or alcoholic beverages are allowed
on the property.

Room Rental